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Welcome to the Bellevue Hotel & Resort
A holiday immersed in nature and design!

In the wonderful landscape of Jesolo, there is a place where elegance and that feeling of being at home meet: welcome to the Bellevue Hotel & Resort in the heart of a lush pine forest, only a stone's throw away from the sea!  Bellevue Hotel & Resort will be your starting point to discover and enjoy all the beauty that Jesolo has to offer. Treat yourself to a holiday with high-quality amenities in a truly unique location. Bellevue Hotel & Resort is an oasis sheltered from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is immersed in a 25.000 square meter pine forest which is almost one-hundred years old and is surrounded by a garden which stretches out the sea, where one of the most spacious and exclusive private beaches of Jesolo is located. Bellevue Hotel & Resort is a high-level establishment, with a design which perfectly suits its surrounding marine environment. Here, you can expect unforgettable holidays centred around relaxing in the shade of the pine forest, enjoying sports, culture, good food, physical activity, and lazing in the sun.

Facilities at the Bellevue Hotel & Resort

State-of-the-art facilities for tailor-made hospitality


Each to their own fun


An exclusive, fully-equipped, one-of-a-kind beach for a relaxing experience available only to our guests

Swimming pools

For a re-energising swim and refreshing dip surrounded by the lush pine forest

Food Experience

For the most demanding foodies, in a glamorous context surrounded by nature

Cocktail Bar

Meditating with a glass in hand makes people happier

Sports & Activities

Take care of your body and work out in our open spaces

Car-charging station

An energy refill immersed in the green

Outdoor Sauna

Copper and wood, exposed to the elements, oxidise and mutate, taking on unique and unrepeatable connotations.

Outdoor Gym

Not to lose good habits even if you are on holiday.

Outdoor massages

Expert pampering dedicated to the body, mind and spirit

Our rooms

1-4 person

38 m² - up to four people For guests looking for an exclusive and unique kind of holiday. This is perfect for people who are looking for elegance, comfort, and outdoor spaces.

56 mq

56 m² - up to six people For families or groups of friends who want to keep some privacy, but are also happy to share some spaces, amenities and the view.

1-4 person

28 m² - up to three people For Guests who would enjoy the exclusiveness of the ample glass viewing window, and are looking for space, comfort and design

1-4 person

24 m² - up to three people For families or friends looking to relax, enjoy home comforts, a great view and designer spaces

1-4 person

16 m² / 22 m² - 2/3 people For Guests who like to stand out and who are looking for comfort and a great view

News from the Bellevue Hotel & Resort

This is where we can share our projects, hopes and surprises

The Bressaglia family is delighted to announce that it has acquired the prestigious Bellevue Hotel & Resort, famous for its prime location in a quiet part of the Jesolo pine forest. We look forward to managing our new establishment, which joins our other properties in Jesolo, and it is with great pride and our dedication to hospitality that we look forward to welcoming you, our guests, in the near future.