Veneto is a land of magic and heritage!

Jesolo is a strategic starting point to visit the entire Veneto region. On your holiday, you can choose fantastic excursions to the most famous cities of art that are within easy reach and are not far from our resort.


There are many ways to reach Venice. You can reach it by motor vessel, bus or car. We highly recommend taking the boat: what better, more exciting way to reach the city, near Piazza San Marco, then wander across calli and campielli?! You can also visit the islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello, which are true gems of the Republic of Venice.


An enchanting city located in the Venetian plains, Treviso has preserved its delicate and refined style. You can find popular areas visited by the masses and smaller, lesser-known streets, rivulets, canals and barbacans that preserve the wonder of a city steeped in history. Worth visiting: Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Sant'Andrea. Worth tasting: a good local Prosecco.


Verona is located on the river Adige, about 30 km from Lake Garda. The Basilica of Saint Zeno in Verona is considered to be one of Italy's romanic masterpieces. A visit to the famous arena is unmissable; it is the most important open-air theatre dedicated to lyrical opera in the world. Don't forget to visit Romeo and Juliet's balcony, which inspired the famous Shakespearian tragedy.


Padua is an ancient university town and bears witness to a rich cultural and artistic past. Padua is known around the world as the city of Saint Anthony and his remains are to be found here. Worth of mention is the famous Scrovegni Chapel which houses the celebrated cycle of frescos by Giotto. You cannot leave Padua without strolling through Prato della Valle, the large elliptical piazza which has become a symbol of the city.


Vicenza is known as the city of the Palladium and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Palladian Basilica was rebuilt in 1549 and is Vicenza's most famous public building. In the south-west of the city, you find the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Mount Berico, which is famous for two apparitions of the Virgin Mary. When in Vicenza, you have to try its traditional dish: Vicentina codfish.

Cortina and the Dolomites

Cortina is the world-famous alpine town located in the province of Belluno, known for attracting international jet-setters. It is within easy reach of our resort. Cortina's main square is Piazzetta San Francesco, from which a series of narrow streets shoot off. Head down any of these to explore the town and go to sports shops, jewellery stores, local product stores, restaurants and cafes.