Rooms at the Bellevue Hotel & Resort

Nature provides the context of your relaxing oasis. Our rooms provide the comfort.

The rooms and suites that await you at the Bellevue Hotel & Resort stand out for their elegant dark wooden furnishings combined with the relaxing and light colours of the fabrics, drapes and soft cushions that feature in all the rooms. We opted for neutral shades such as ivory, sand, cream, and caramel so the spaces you will call home during your holiday invite you to relax and unwind. We’ve also fitted all rooms with all the modcons you could possibly need.

16 m² / 22 m² - 2/3 people For Guests who like to stand out and who are looking for comfort and a great view

24 m² - up to three people For families or friends looking to relax, enjoy home comforts, a great view and designer spaces

28 m² - up to three people For Guests who would enjoy the exclusiveness of the ample glass viewing window, and are looking for space, comfort and design

56 m² - up to six people For families or groups of friends who want to keep some privacy, but are also happy to share some spaces, amenities and the view.

38 m² - up to four people For guests looking for an exclusive and unique kind of holiday. This is perfect for people who are looking for elegance, comfort, and outdoor spaces.